Horses feet are constantly responding to the environmental forces upon them. Changes in the horse's diet, routine, living conditions, and the therapeutic use of hoofboots/pads are very often necessary in order to achieve improvement in the structure and function of the horse's feet. 

Horses feet take time to heal and become truly strong and healthy. Horse owners need to learn about the process and what they are aiming for. 

Sometimes the person who cares for the horse may need encouragement and support during this time. Little changes for the better become big changes over time. That is where a "hoofcare coach" can help!

I enjoy teaching horse owners to maintain their own horses feet and am available for mini workshops and private tuition.

We offer full board ar our farm on a very limited scale.  This is to ensure all horses on our farm get equal attention, and individual needs can be addressed. There is no stall boarding. Herd movement, exercise, diet and dry lot is used to manage weight.