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My name is Anne Buteau. I have been trimming professionally since 2000.



I completed KC La Pierre's "Institute of Equine Podiatry"  "Diploma in Applied Equine Podiatry".


Certification by "American Association of Natural Hoofcare Practitioners"

My trip to Arkansas in June 2003, to spend the day with Jaime Jackson was eye opening and changed my approach to looking at feet. Interstate travel slowed down a bit for a few years after my daughter was born in 2003 but gave me time to gain experience. 

Mentorships between 2003 and 2006 with Charles Hall, Jaime Jackson, Pete Ramey, Cindy Sullivan and others were invaluable.  After certification in 2006 I was a Field Instructor for a couple of years which I really enjoyed. 


Accepted as a Certified Practitioner with the "American Hoof  Association" . 


Accepted as a Member & Mentor  with " Progressive  Hoof Care Practitioners ".

Continuing education: 

I attend  events when possible and study independently as there is always more to learn.  

What I really enjoy:

A while ago a client described me as "hoofcare coach"... I thought about that statement for a while. When considering "natural hoofcare" for their horse, a horse owner will often be faced with negative attitudes towards this holistic approach from other horse owners, and professionals, and it is then that they really do need support.

"Natural Hoofcare" gives the owner the opportunity to be more involved in their horse's hoofcare as there is more to this than just having someone come out every 5-6 weeks and trim/shoe your horse. In fact, there needs to be more owner participation than in traditional hoofcare, for "natural" or "alternative" methods to be successful. 

Success is growing as healthy a foot as is possible for that horse and making it as sound as it can be. Assessing the challenges facing the horse and his feet, consulting with a veterinarian and other specialists if necessary, devising a plan of action and helping the horse owner follow through are some of the jobs of a "hoofcare coach"!! 

I really find fulfillment in empowering and enabling horseowners to take responsibility for their own horses hoofcare, including learning to trim the feet themselves. I have given a number of introductory hoofcare clinics for horseowmers that were well received, and also have done many one on one mentorships.

A healthy frog and digital cushion (DC)


A wide tough frog with no deep split down the center, a solid digital cushion, a thick conditioned calloused sole, strong, well attached walls, and robust rounded heel bulbs are some attributes of a healthy foot. 

 A short toe allows efficient breakover, and with the foot landing slightly heel first, there is no excessive pressure on the navicular area from the deep digital flexor tendon. The hoof mechanism  absorbs impact, rather than it being transmitted up the bony column and causing accumulated stress over time to joints, ligaments and tendons.

Unhealthy. Compare the frog and heel bulbs especially, on this foot


Hooves do not become deformed or weak is an insidious process that happens slowly, and often only when the horse goes lame, is it acknowledged that maybe the feet aren't in the shape they should fact, what does a healthy foot really look like? Most people are really not aware of what makes up a healthy foot. 




Consultation/first visit $60-80

I allow an hour for the first visit or a consultation, so we are not rushed. 

Maintenance Trim $40-80, reg $55

Farm Call Fee:

There is a fam call based on mileage for appointments outside Nelson County.

Individual Timming Instruction at the farm:

$60/ hour

Have you been to a clinic to learn how to trim where it all made sense, then come home and once under your own horse are wondering if you are "doing it right"?

Or, are you wondering if you would be able to maintain your own horses feet? 

You can schedule an appointment here at the farm, with or without your own horse. Assessment, discussion & istruction on your horse and/or one of mine.


One on One Day Long Mentorships


This is an opportunity to come and spend the day, seeing a variety of equines of different breeds, with different issues, living conditions etc and how the various factors affect the feet. The day can be tailored to individual interests and skill levels.

Hoof Boot Fitting and Sales

Hoof boots are more that just hoof "protection". They are often a crucial pert of rehabilitating a horses foot. Without the comfort provided by the boots a horse will often avoid landing heel first when there is sensitivity in the back of the foot. Without the comfort and compression from a suitable pad in the boot, change in the foot is far from optimal. Boots should be used regularly for rehabilitation, and then as needed. I am a distributor for Easycare and Cavallo boots.



You can email or call me! 

Phone # 434 260 4701 


I am happy to come to your farm for a "mini clinic" for a  group of horse owners.  This day long session can be tailored to the knowledge level and interest of the participants.  Cost is $600, so for 4 people the cost would be $150 each plus mileage fee. This maybe helpful for owners whose horses are not good travellers, plus everyone will learn from each horse that we look at and trim. 

If you would like to host a session please get in touch!

No upcoming events.


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